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Lake Titicaca: A wonder touching the sky

  • Published on May 08, 2017 Destinations
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80 floating islands rest on the lake at more than 3,812 MASL

Titicaca is the highest lake in the world, that’s why is known as the “Lake of the Clouds”. Located in the Puno region, it’s the second most visited destination after Cusco. Its beauty, its history, its magic and its waters that host an exceptional fauna and flora, make this destination an unforgettable place for any traveler.

Women Girl PunoWomen and girl resting under the sunny breeze of Puno.

To speak of the lake, is to speak of the Uros, a civilization that escaped from the Incas by making their way into the lake and built their own islands to survive. The actual inhabitants are from Aymara origin, the oldest Andean civilization of the continent. They welcome their visitors with their traditional word “Kamisaraki” that means, “how are you?” in Quechua.

Floating islands and how are they built

The lake has 80 islands where 600 families live. In each of the islands live from six to eight families on average. Also, the islands have schools, churches and houses. While men fish for barter at the Puno market, women weave beautiful and colorful embroidery and make crafts.

Craft made Totora PunoCraft made of totora.

These wonderful islands are built with totora, an aquatic plant that grows under the waters of Lake Titicaca. With this same plant, they also build their houses and boats.

What to do

Lake Titicaca is the ideal place to practice water sports such as rowing, sailing and diving. Some of the most requested activities are kayaking between islands, and trekking, which is the perfect activity to admire the majesty of the Andean landscapes that surround the lake.

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