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Meet the natural paradise that offers the best coffee in Cusco

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Drinking coffee has become one of the most satisfying and relaxing experiences for human beings. You can have it in the morning as breakfast, during lunchtime, in the afternoon to counter sleepiness or just as the perfect excuse to get together and chat with friends. However, did you ever wonder where this delicious natural commodity comes from?

Peru ranks 8th among the main world coffee producing countries, due to its perfect natural grains harvested in Quillabamba, capital of La Convención. This town has a fertile land, thanks to its 16 ecological floors, encouraging the production of coffee, coca, cacao, and fruit trees.

Most of coffee production (80%) is harvested between 1200 and 1600 m.a.s.l., those being Arabica coffee trees and three varieties known as: Typica, Bourbon, and Caturra. The success of coffee cultivation is because they are grown completely under shade, thus keeping the quality of such seeds.

Coffee sold internationally

The coffee from Quillabamba, in Cusco, is considered as one of the best coffee in Peru. Its entry to 2 thousand European retailers of an international retail chain engaged in such business has reinforced worldwide the consumption of this national commodity. Experts claim that the taste of this drink is balanced, with good acidity; they also claim that it has a slightly similar taste to almond, being recommended to drink it pure or with milk.

The name for this new product of Quillabamba’s coffee is “Origin Espresso Perú Cusco” and you can find it in the countries where this exquisite drink is available such as: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Turkey, Spain, Austria, and Greece.

The Museo del Café (Museum of Coffee) in Cusco

The experience of drinking coffee is satisfying, but drinking coffee surrounded by the Cusco scenery is the most inspiring and pleasant thing to do during the trip. Cusco’s Museo del Café opens its doors and offers a space full of emotions and the history of this natural commodity brought from Quillabamba, La Convención.

Museo del Café’s goal is to preserve traditions and history that the coffee industry holds, the step-by-step process, from planting, harvest and selection of the finest and most delicate coffee grains. Furthermore, all the visitors will feel a natural connection to the environment and get to know more about the coffee farmer.

Many local and foreign travelers enjoy the smell and the fascinating taste of coffee; but ignore where it comes from and how much effort farmers put in to grow it in the best possible conditions.

From Quillabamba to your mug! We invite you to try out one of the best coffee in the world!

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