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The flavors of Puno have become a gastronomic festival

  • Published on Jul 03, 2017 Culture
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Alpaca, trout, and quinoa at the shore of the world’s highest lake in an event called “Flavors of Titicaca”

Puno hides many ingredients and unique flavors envied by every chef. That is why in 2005 “Flavors of Titicaca” was born, a gastronomic festival at the shores of Titicaca, in order to recover the dishes of traditional cuisine that reaffirm the Pune identity.

As a result of this succulent event, Puno has stood out in the Peruvian gastronomy, attracting many national and international visitors of exquisite palate looking for different and unique flavors.

And now, let’s see what this festival, that has driven Puno to the top of the national food, has in store for us.

Types of quinoa chaufa festival Sabores del Titicaca in Puno

Samples of different types of quinoa to prepare chaufa in the festival “Flavors of Titicaca”, in Puno.

On December 10 and 11, the main hotels, restaurants, entrepreneurs, and academics meet in a culinary competition to offer their best dishes. In the contest, 40 stands are installed where dishes are prepared with products of the region and are available to all visitors at a very reasonable price.

Among the typical delicacies that can be tasted in this event, you will have a delicious quinoa based with chaufa, trout ceviche from the waters of Titicaca, puneña ajiaco, alpaca a la candelaria, lamb on a stick, and an endless of exquisite dishes. On the last day, when everyone is already satisfied, renowned chefs reward the best cooks of the festival.

Aj Ajiaco to the puneña more common dishes Flavors of the Titicaca Puno

Aji to prepare Ajiaco to puneña one of the most common dishes in “Flavors of Titicaca”, Puno.

Therefore, if you travel to Puno to visit the highest lake in the world, remember that this city hides gastronomic treasures that you should discover. Your palate will thank you. And, remember to order the typical dishes from Puno to taste a little piece of this city: quinoa based with chaufa, trout ceviche or lamb on a stick.

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