COVID-19 New Safety and Health Protocols

We remind you that the only requirement to travel to Perú is to provide proof of a negative PCR or antigen COVID test. It will no longer be necessary to maintain a mandatory quarantine or to present negative medical results again to travel inside the country.

At PeruRail we care about your health and that of our employees, so we have implemented new Safety and Health Protocols so that together we can travel again to this magical place.

What are we doing?

Our staff and offices
  • Our offices and workspaces are implemented to provide for appropriate physical distancing in addition to informative and audiovisual guidance.
  • Our employees receive training through regular briefings under constant control and are subject to symptom screening and temperature checks.
  • The ticket office and on-board service staff comply with cleaning and disinfection through proper hand washing for 20 seconds and use of hand gel. We guarantee that staff are regularly examined by our physician.
  • All employees must wear a double mask and face shield during working hours.
  • The distance between staff and passengers will be at least 1 meter.
  • We have specialized and trained staff to perform correct cleaning and thorough disinfection of our cars.
Implementation of the best Air Sanitation System
  • Complying with international standards, the best Air Sanitation System is being implemented aboard our train services.
  • This new system has 4 technologies recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and its composition is sustainable, not registering a negative impact on the environment.
    • HEPA filters: The air is blown into the system, filtering microscopic virus particles.
    • FAR UVC lamps: This technology helps eliminate retained pathogens.
    • Air ionizers: The ionizer prevents airborne particles from being suspended and allows purified air to circulate.
    • Controlled ozone: Total cleaning and sterilization process.
  • This modern system allows us to operate at 100% capacity in each of our train services.
  • Learn more about this new system.

What can you do?

Fill out your COVID-19 symptomatology File
Before boarding the trains, you must present the Symptomatology Form COVID-19 digital or printed, through Sworn Statement, correctly completed and signed no more than 24 hours prior to the travel date, confirming that you do not present any symptom related to COVID-19. Find here the type of Symptomatology Form required:
Entry to the station and waiting lounges
  • You must wear a double mask and a face covering at all times at the station.
  • Follow the queue to enter the station while maintaining the physical distance.
  • Before entering the station, assigned staff will check your body temperature.
  • New signaling was implemented in keeping with the 1-meter physical distancing required.
  • You will be able to enter the waiting room showing the boarding pass directly from your mobile phone and your physical identity document; you will not have to hand it over. We should avoid physical contact at all times.
Boarding Area
  • You must wear a double mask and a face covering at all times at the boarding area.
  • We have implemented audiovisual material in our waiting lounges. Follow the recommended actions to be taken.
  • To board our trains, present the Symptomatology Form Covid-19 before the embark either digital or printed.
  • Before boarding the trains, our crew will check your body temperature. Please, follow the directions for disinfecting your personal items and luggage.
  • Follow our signs to enter the boarding area; in this way, you will be keeping the minimum physical distancing of 1 meter required.
  • Enter the waiting lounge showing the boarding pass directly from a Smartphone and your physical ID, without the need to hand it over.
  • A modern air sanitation system allows us to operate at 100% capacity, since it purifies and renews the air, removing 99.9% of bacteria on the surface which prevents the spread of COVID-19.
Aboard our trains
  • Keep your double mask and face covering on during the entire trip.
  • You must take the assigned seat observing the blocked spaces.
  • Pay attention to informational audios and on-board service staff.
  • For your safety, stay in your seat and avoid moving aboard the train.
  • Food or beverages are not allowed on board.
  • Avoid speaking very loudly; if you sneeze or cough, do it into your elbow or in disposable tissue paper, which we ask you to dispose of in the rest rooms.
  • Pay attention to the informational audios.
  • Our staff will tell you when to get off the train, following the signs and keeping physical distance to leave the station.
  • To continue with the established measures, you must again submit to a temperature control and a final disinfection of your personal items and hand luggage.
  • We should try to leave the arrival station as soon as possible to avoid crowding.