OUR COMMITMENT perurail cargo


Environmentally Friendly
Our freight service also plays an ecological role. It has had a direct impact on the decongestion of roads in southern Peru and has lowered the number of accidents to a minimum since we tripled the volume of freight that we carry. A locomotive has the capacity to carry an average of 1000 net tons, in order to deliver this loading capacity we would be needing an average of 90 to 100 lorries.

These indicators make us continually work harder to strengthen our position as an efficient, safe option in line with the needs of our customers.

On-going Training
On-going training and creating awareness in our employees is a key issue in all the services we provide throughout the process. Our training focuses on:

  • Operation Codes
  • Emergency Plans
  • Safety Regulations
  • General Railway Regulations
  • Accident Drills (Spills, Natural Phenomena)
  • Personal Protection Equipment