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Notice: New train departures from San Pedro and Poroy stations

What you need to know about Poroy Station in Cusco

Poroy Station is a starting point for most travelers who want to visit Macchu Picchu.

Poroy Station is located in the District of Poroy, Department of Cusco, a place that keeps all Cusco culture and tradition, offering visitors a spectacular natural landscape, ornamented with houses made of adobe, which maintain the style of the ancient Andean civilizations. This district is located at 3499 masl, and it is well known for its religious spirit and incredible production of artisanal handicrafts that may be found in the village’s market.

Location of Poroy Station (Cusco)

Poroy is a district in Cusco that has one of the most important train stations that goes to Machu Picchu Station, located in the district of Machu Picchu Pueblo. Buses are used from there for arriving at the wonderful fortress of Machu Picchu. The station is located approximately 20 minutes from Cusco downtown and most tourists arrive there by bus, taxi or private transportation service.

For traveling from Poroy Station (Cusco) to Machu Picchu Station, we recommend buying the tickets in advance on The train tickets can also be bought at the ticket office of the Poroy Station (Cusco) but not later than 30 minutes before departure. The payment can be either by credit card, debit card or cash (Soles and US Dollars are accepted).

Learn all the details about PeruRail’s train service. In addition, in section “Elige una categoría (choose a category)” you can see the station service per season and timetables.

From Poroy Station (Cusco) to Machu Picchu Station

A trip from Poroy Station (Cusco) to Machu Picchu Station takes approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes. Poroy Station (Cusco) is open from May to December and usually closes around January until April, due to climatic conditions. Reinforcement works are performed on railways during those months, and for safety reasons to avoid possible contingencies as a result of landslides and PeruRail runs the Bimodal Service (Bus + Train).

During this period:

  • Passengers using the PeruRail Vistadome and PeruRail Expedition bimodal services board a private bus at Wanchaq Station, 5 minutes away from Cusco’s historic center, and arrive to Ollantaytambo Station. From here, passengers board the train and head to their final destination: Machu Picchu Station. The return journey is the same in reverse.
  • Passengers using the Belmond Hiram Bingham bimodal service board a private bus at Wanchaq Station, 5 minutes away from Cusco’s historic center, and arrive to Belmond Hotel Rio Sagrado. From the hotel, join the Belmond Hiram Bingham train for the journey to Machu Picchu Station. On the return leg, passengers are dropped off at their accommodation in Cusco’s city center. The Belmond Hiram Bingham train operates daily except for the last Sunday of every month.

Encourage yourself to unfold an adventure into Machu Picchu departing from Poroy Station and enjoy the beautiful landscapes towards this Inca Sanctuary.

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