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NOTICE: Temporary suspension of the Hidroeléctrica route until April 12th


At PeruRail we work hard to promote the continuous development of the communities in our area of operations through a variety of programs.

For us, being a socially responsible company means processing our operations, resources, human capital, and environment in an intelligent manner. We create programs for improving the quality of life in our surroundings by developing new skills and encouraging the creation of new inclusive businesses.

As part of our commitment with every local community, we have developed a series of programs which include a wide variety of trainings mainly focused on 4 pillars: identity and integration, environmental care, inclusive business, and education initiatives.

Identity and Integration

Environmental Protection

Inclusive Business

Educational Initiatives

Identity and Integration

We try to contribute to the personal, social, environmental, cultural, and economic development of our surrounding communities. At the same time, we encourage the protection and promotion of cultural and historic patrimonies.

Local Train to Cusco
Local Train
The PeruRail Local Train service makes transportation easier for people who live in the communities located along the railway to Machu Picchu Town.

Discover Machu Picchu with PeruRail

This program allows for children of the community from Cusco to enjoy a unique travel experience to Machu Picchu. We thank the Decentralized Directorate of Culture from Cusco for supporting this program by eliminating the cost of entrance to Machu Picchu.

Community Cinema

This inclusive experience presents movies focused on cultural identity in order to introduce movie art and narration to several communities.

Through this friendly and pleasant activity, we help maintain local culture and social bonds.

Cargo and Luggage

The PeruRail cargo and luggage service allows the communities located near the railway of Machu Picchu to transport essential perishable and non-perishable food, luggage and packets, provisions.

Environmental Protection

We support and encourage sustainable environment activities within our company and in the regions where we operate. This includes improving the management of solid waste, the use of solar energy, pollution controls, and clean technology.

Green PeruRail

PeruRail operates a free service of solid waste transportation from the district of Machu Picchu and its communities to an area designated in Pachar, in coordination with the Environmental Management Area of the Municipality of Machu Picchu Town.

PeruRail is a partner in the Turismo Cuida Association and participates in the Recusco project of managing the plastic in the Sacred Valley of Cusco.

We aim to collect and recycle plastic bottles according to the sustainable environmental principles: Reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Environmental Campaigns

Our contribution is focused on the development of cleaning campaigns in Cusco, Puno, and Arequipa. The residents of the involved communities are active in the interventions.

We also develop reforestation campaigns in our area of influence, involving the population and the local authorities.

Inclusive Business

Our projects aim to increase the productivity of our surrounding communities. Our objective is to offer programs that encourage local economic development and include the communities in our value chain as local providers.

Warmi Away

We offer specialised weaving and colouring classes on handmade looms. Women from the communities of Pachar, Rumira and Pisacucho currently supply the textiles that decorate the tables of our PeruRail Vistadome trains.

Comprehensive Program for Alpaca Breeding

This project executed by PeruRail is focused on developing techniques for the protection and preservation of the species and their fiber by developing skills and tools to protect baby and adult alpacas.

Q'omer Wasicha

We promote capacity building in the cultivation of organic vegetables and aromatic herbs in greenhouses in 12 communities in the Cusco region. We achieve a balanced diet and the option to market them.

Educational Initiatives

We manage education programs to improve the safety, the environmental care, and the ability of young people.

‘A+ in security, 0 accidents’

Schools receive training from the Asociación Turismo Cuida on environmental care and recycling. A competition is held and recognition is given to the participants who collected the most recyclable plastic.

My school recycles

Schools receive training from the Asociación Turismo Cuida on environmental care and recycling. A competition is held and recognition is given to the participants who collected the most recyclable plastic.

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