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Notice: New train departures from San Pedro and Poroy stations


PERURAIL S.A. is a railway operating company that provides passenger and cargo transportation services, and has a safety, occupational health, environment and quality management system in place, appropriate to the context of the organization and aligned with the objectives established by the organization.

In order to guarantee a safe, quality and environmentally responsible operation, we assume the following commitments:

  1. Guarantee the satisfaction of our clients, providing quality services that meet and, if possible, exceed their expectations.
  2. Comply with the requirements established by our clients, the applicable legal requirements and those that the organization adopts.
  3. Promote continuous improvement at all levels of the organization, through constant revision of the Integrated Management System.
  4. Promote a culture of prevention, minimizing the occurrence of incidents, accidents and occupational diseases; eliminating dangers and reducing the risks identified in our activities, through the hierarchy of controls methodology; generating a safe and healthy environment for everyone in the organization, clients and contractors.
  5. Contribute to the protection of the environment and prevent pollution, minimizing as far as possible the environmental impacts of our activities and promoting the sustainable use of resources.
  6. Promote the engagement and consultation of workers and relevant stakeholders in the Integrated Management System.

General Manger
PeruRail S.A.
September 27, 2021 / Version 06

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