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The following provisions govern the use of personal information provided by users through  (hereinafter, the “website”) or at the different points of sale (e.g., points of sale include stores or ticket offices, agencies). “User” is understood to mean both those persons registered as visitors to the website, as well as those who have provided information in any type of sale transaction for train tickets.

Scope and Acceptance of the Privacy Policy

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform our clients of the way in which we collect, use, and protect information of a personal nature that is gathered through the website and our different points of sale, so that users may make a free and informed decision in granting their prior and explicit consent for the use of their personal information through the forms filled out for such purposes, in accordance with the provisions established in Law 29733 – the Personal Information Protection Act.

The use of the website and/or the filling out of forms provided by PeruRail implies the user’s acceptance of and conformity with the conditions set forth in this Policy.

The content of this Privacy Policy may change without notice. As such, the users shall be responsible for reading the Policy in force at the time that said information is provided.

In order to use the services offered by PeruRail, users must provide certain information, including their full name, nationality, identity document, email address, etc. The refusal to provide personal information may result in the impossibility of providing the requested service, in those cases in which such information is indispensable in order to identify the users and carry out the requested operation.

Collection and Storage of Personal Information

The information provided by the users when filling out different forms and/or using the website shall be understood to be accurate and true. In order to ensure that said information is current and accurate, the users shall notify all changes to their personal information as soon as possible, as well as any change in inaccurate information, where detected. The information collected will be entered into PeruRail’s database.

Consent and Commercial Communications

The personal information provided by users will be used confidentially and will be used for the purposes corresponding to the requested service. Website users also have the option of authorizing PeruRail to send them information that the company feels may be of interest to them, including advertising and information on sales and promotions. In the event that users do not wish to receive such information, they may express their preference by unchecking this option.

Confidentiality and Security Measures

All information collected through the website, or via the different commercial communications and/or transactions engaged in between PeruRail and the users, shall be used and stored with complete confidentiality, ensuring the necessary security measures in accordance with the applicable law, in order to avoid all tampering with information, unauthorized use or access, or unlawful disclosure to third parties. When information and numbers are provided in relation to credit cards, this data is encrypted in order to ensure their complete confidentiality and prevent it from being viewed by other persons.


Cookies are files that are stored in your web browser to collect general information on how you use the website. This helps us to determine what we can do to make our website more user-friendly, as well as improving the quality of the website. All information collected is general, ensuring that users who visit our website remain anonymous. Users should note that they can change their browser options to limit or restrict the use of cookies.

Use of Rights on Personal Information

You can request access to, cancel, rectify, and contest your personal information by sending a letter to Av. Armendáriz 480, Piso 5, Of. 501, Urbanización Armendáriz, Miraflores, Lima, Peru, or an email to, explaining the reason for which you gave us your personal information.

Changes to Train Tickets

Those changes related to the ticket or the purchase thereof (e.g., change in ticket holder) may be performed no later than 24 hours before the train’s departure time, and are subject to availability, as per the “Terms and Conditions of the Rail Transport Agreement.” Changes can be made without being personally present by calling the PeruRail Call Center at +511-625 4848, or by sending an email to, and following the corresponding instructions.

Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

These terms and conditions are governed, without exception and on all points, by Peruvian law, and shall be interpreted in accordance therewith. In case of any difference, disagreement, or conflict arising from the interpretation, effectiveness, scope, and/or application of these general terms and conditions, users shall submit their complaint to PeruRail in order to reach an agreement. If it is not possible to arrive at a solution, and in order to guarantee users full access to their legal rights, users may choose to submit a claim to the following entities:

  1. National Authority for the Protection of Personal Information. To learn more, visit
  2. Judges and Courts of the Judicial District of Lima Cercado, with competence over the matter.

In case any of the foregoing options are cumbersome or economically unfeasible for users residing abroad, the parties, at the users’ request, shall establish a mutually convenient mechanism, by common accord, in order to settle their differences.

Additionally, users may contact PeruRail at any time in order to reach an agreement by sending an email to

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