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Notice: New train departures from San Pedro and Poroy stations


Covid measures for our Train Services

According to the DS 130-2022-PCM, it is no longer mandatory to show the vaccination card when boarding our trains. Also, the use of face masks is optional for both train and bimodal service.

Passenger Obligations

To make your train journey more enjoyable, we invite you to follow our safety policies:

Do not activate the emergency brake device of the cars.

Do not look out, lean or put your arms out the windows.

o not fully or partially obstruct the closing of doors or transit through the corridors.

Do not board the train in a drunken state or under the influence of drugs, with animals, flammable materials, explosives or weapons.

Do not exit the car, when it has to stop at some stage of the route for any reason, unless otherwise instructed by the crew.

Implementation of the Best Air Sanitation System

Complying with international standards, the best Air Sanitation System is being implemented aboard our train services.

This new system has 4 technologies recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and its composition is sustainable, not registering a negative impact on the environment.

  1. FAR UVC lamps: This technology helps eliminate retained pathogens.
  2. Air ionizers: The ionizer prevents airborne particles from being suspended and allows purified air to circulate.
  3. Controlled ozone: Total cleaning and sterilization process.

This modern system allows us to operate at 100% capacity in each of our train services.

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