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Notice: New train departures from San Pedro and Poroy stations

How PeruRail trains and onboard service equipment been adapted to travel to Machu Picchu in the new post-Covid19 situation

Now that we’ve shared what to consider when approaching the station to board the train to the Inca citadel, it’s time to detail what steps we’ve taken to make your train journey to the Inca llaqta as safe as possible.

In this short note we tell you how PeruRail service personnel and trains have been adapted to the new situation in order to travel to Machu Picchu safely.

Our on-board service personnel are properly trained and prepared with all the necessary protective measures to welcome and assist you on this adventure to Machu Picchu.

As for our fleet of trains, cleaning and disinfection frequency has been increased to continue complying with safety and health procedures on board.

Once on board, areas have been delimited and signaled so that the capacity of our cars is 50%. This was necessary to meet the required physical distancing and protection of all our passengers. In addition to tracking protocols, various informational audios are available to explain and reinforce the guidelines to be followed to ensure everyone’s safety.

Continuing to comply with established safety and health protocols, another aspect to highlight on board our trains are some restrictions to be met such as no food and beverages on board to prevent the removal of double mask. Therefore, we have posted signs inside each train with recommendations on how to correctly use double mask to prevent the spread of the virus. Similarly, hygiene recommendations include avoiding speaking very loudly, and when sneezing or coughing, doing it into your elbow or in disposable tissue paper, which must be discarded in the lavatories.

We have recently implemented HEPA sanitization filters on board our cars, which meet international hygiene and sanitation standards that ensure reduction of the existing microbial load in the air, eliminating it by 99.9%. With these new devices, rest assured that the safety of your journey on board our trains will be fully guaranteed.

These are the implementations and adaptations that PeruRail has introduced both in our cars and other areas to continue giving our passengers the best travel experience to Machu Picchu. We invite you to check the full guide of our health and safety protocols, as well as the schedules and rates that we have available to you. See you on board!

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