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10 tips to take the best pictures at Machu Picchu

Know how to snap the perfect picture in Machu Picchu

There is something that is always in the plan of every traveler who embarks on the journey to Cusco, it is more noticeable when they are aboard our trains, the feeling of magical moment begins to invade their bodies. All this happens because the unforgettable experience of this great trip deserves a souvenir just as unforgettable; a great picture at Machu Picchu. Here are ten tips that will make help you to get an amazing picture.

First, it is important to schedule a nice day to visit the Inca citadel. The dry weather season, between May and October, guarantees a blue sky; while during the rainy season you can appreciate the greenest landscape of the year and have a larger clear area to take any type of pictures. The second important point is to keep your camera and/or phone set, Machu Picchu is a natural sanctuary and it is necessary to be aware at all time to capture the moment where flora and fauna perfectly combine.

The third tip you should keep in mind is that from an aerial view the majesty will be appreciated better; therefore, we suggest to go up the Machu Picchu Mountain or Huayna Picchu to get a better angle to capture the citadel. Do not forget the tickets to go up this mountain are limited, so you should purchase them anticipatedly. If you prefer to take a classic postal picture of this World Wonder it is not necessary to put that much effort, you can do this just walking a flat path to arrive to the “Casa del Guardian”. For the record, did you know that when you turn the trademark Machu Picchu picture to the side, you can see the side face of a person?” Here is an example:

Our fourth recommendation is that at the time of taking your picture, you let your creativity flow. Many pictures have been taken, it is up to you to make yours unique. You may want to try posing in a new way or sharing the spot with friends, family or making a fun composition with determined items. There is always a way to get an original shot!

Always remember, you should be patient and wait for the right time. You should be prepared and have everything ready for the perfect picture; nevertheless, is necessary to keep calm. Machu Picchu is always packed with visitors who will be walking, learning, admiring, exploring and also trying to take that special picture like you.

The sixth tip is that despite you want to take astonishing pictures of the citadel and pose in every spot you can, is always important to wear comfortable clothing in order to explore each space and, in that way, take home not just a good picture but also a good memory of your experience.

As our eighth tip, you must know that it might be considerable to carry a selfie stick to document every second of your trip and keep the memory of being all together in this experience.

Even though it might be enough to take pictures with a smartphone, if you have a professional camera do not hesitate in taking it with you. Machu Picchu is totally worth to take a picture with the best possible definition.

Last but not least, our tenth advice is that you stay patient, after having read these recommendations you are now one step closer to take the best picture in one of the best Wonders of the World.

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