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The Ayar Brothers: A magical legend that gives life to the history of Cusco

The origin of the Tahuantinsuyo in the hands of four brothers

Many myths and legends have been known around the Inca Empire, stories full of magic and mysticism. One of the oldest and most fantastic stories is the one that tells us how the city of Cusco was founded, considered as the navel of the world. Discover the history of the Ayar brothers!

At the end of the great flood, which devastated the land of the mountain “Tampu Tocco”, the legend tells that four young brothers appeared with their wives: Ayar Manco and Mama Ocllo, Ayar Cachi and Mama Cora, Ayar Uchu and Mama Rahua and Ayar Auca and Mama Huaco; who along with ten “ayllus” (Inca organization that groups 10 families) undertook a long journey in search of fertile lands where they could settle.

Along the way, the strength and power of Ayar Cachi, the elder brother, excelled when he knocked down a hill and formed a ravine with a single-shot of his sling. His brothers, faced with what happened, were invaded with jealousy and fear towards such spectacular strength. For that reason, when arriving at Haysquisrro they devised a plan to get rid of their brother, which consisted of lock him in a cave.

When the plan was finalized, the three brothers, their wives and the ayllus continued their journey until they reached Mount Huanacauri, where they could see the entire imposing valley of Cusco. Upon reaching the top, they found a great stone idol. Full of respect and fear towards him, they went to the place where it was venerated, unfortunately Ayar Uchu was turned into stone because he jumped on the back of the statue.

Ayar Manco and Ayar Auca continued the journey regretting the loss of their two brothers, but with the conviction of finding those coveted lands. During their trip, in the Pampa del Sol, Ayar Auca is completely turned into stone, leaving only Ayar Manco as the representative of his brothers.

Despite the losses and a trip of many years, the only survivor of the Ayar brothers: Ayar Manco managed to reach fertile land, sunk the golden cane that the god Inti gave him in the city of Cusco, and founded the Tahuantinsuyo, which later would become the Empire of the Incas.

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