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The Tristan del Pozo House

The beautiful Arequipa residence

The Tristan del Pozo house is one of Arequipa’s most beautiful buildings, this house was built in 1738 by General Domingo Carlos Tristán del Pozo and his wife Ana Maria after acquiring the block and has been restored in many opportunities. For architecture students, the structure that characterizes it is one of the most emblematic and impressive that are in the city, specially for its courtyards, ambient and facade with artistic details perfectly carved.

The Tristan del Pozo house facade is what outstands the most, and what characterizes it all across Arequipa is its composition level. Besides of which have been the reasons that caused this decoration during this era, is in this old house where the elaborated Arequipenian carving in ashlar shape and that takes form in the shadow under the effects of light.

The cover of this house has rectangular shape and is flanked by pilasters united as niches. In its interior, large columns that support it can be found and in the middle you can view a bush of five branches where cantutas bloom holding big medallions.

One of the spaces that can be found inside this old house, looks to revalue the building from the historical and architectural aspects; In many of the doors there are particularities typical from Arequipenians, which belong to the schools of this recognized city. Over time this place has been rebuilt several times following the conservation criteria and on this way not losing the architecture that characterizes it since its origins.

This is one of the few buildings in Arequipa that allows visitors to have an idea of how the area constructions were. Part of this important success, lets people the historical process of Peruvian architecture as bit part of its measurements and design belong to the baroque style that has been alligned from Arequipa’s regional architectural school.

The Tristan del Pozo house has been property of diverse and recognized Arequipenian families. It is in 1974 that one of the most important banks in Peru compromises with the need to support the recovering of this monumental heritage and acquires the old house to transform it into one of its locations.

Today, you can get to know this relevant building and to learn more about its story. Enjoy a trip over the 200 square meters of Tristan house in Arequipa and do not miss the museum and art gallery built by its owners, where you can find numismatic collections with ancient coins of great value. You cannot miss the opportunity to know this historic house!

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