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Top 10 Restaurants in Cusco

Cusco not only boasts being an attractive tourist spot, but also offers varied gastronomic proposals. Therefore, in order to get you acquainted with the scene, PeruRail recommends the top 10 restaurants in Cusco.

The City of Cusco

Inka Grill

This is one of the first restaurants in Cusco and has one of the best locations, just around the corner from the majestic Plaza de Armas or Main Square. Its specialty is New Andean cuisine and international cuisine, offering delicacies made with fresh ingredients, such as: trout, Andean cheese, quinoa and alpaca.


Cicciolina is located one block from the Main Square, on the second floor of a charming colonial house on Calle Triunfo. The cuisine is modern, delicious and impeccable, it is virtually the accepted standard of Peruvian cuisine, it is so diverse and rich that for many Latin American cuisines the diversity of dishes it has can only be compared to Mexican cuisine.

In the menu you can find everything, even the famous llama meat. As a piece of advice, try to order the full meal, since the dishes are not that big. 


Its food is characterized by the original and incomparable flavor of the Andean mountains, because in this place, the original cooking methods are respected by religion. What will you find here? Its specialties with the pachamanca and the baked guinea pig.

Greens Organic

This restaurant only offers organic dishes made with fresh ingredients from the Sacred Valley. Start the day with a refreshing juice made with local fruits! In addition, you cannot miss their succulent alpaca medallions, rich salads, homemade pasta and the famous asparagus trout.

MAP Café

MAP Café has a very particular architecture. It is nothing less than a large glass cube! It is one of the restaurants in Cusco with a view that tourists seek the most, since they can see everything around them while enjoying a good meal.

The gastronomic suggestion of this place is a transformation of Lima and Andean food. Among its outstanding dishes we have the Capchi with mushrooms and its red and black quinoa cannelloni.


Chicha restaurant, from the renowned chef Gastón Acurio, is located in Plaza Regocijo, a few blocks from the Plaza de Armas in Cusco. It pays homage to the ancient culinary wisdom of Cusco and promotes its value. Chicha offers Peruvian dishes, such as anticuchos (seasoned and laminated beef heart), Chupe 5 flavors stew, vegetarian stuffed hot peppers, and an impressive Andean soup that contains olluco, quinoa, curry, coconut milk and pumpkin.

Belmond Hotel Monasterio

Explore the secrets of South American cuisine and enjoy international flavors at Belmond Hotel Monasterio‘s restaurants.

Monasterio, a Belmond Hotel

On the one hand, we have Illariy, which is nestled between the monasteries overlooking the lush courtyard, providing a beautiful setting for an elegant dining experience. You can enjoy a delicious Mediterranean-style breakfast or a light lunch, from soft Peruvian meat to a rich lemon tart. Weather permitting, you can dine on its outdoor terrace under the warm blue sky.

On the other hand, we have El Tupay. Three nights a week, the opera voices of Cusco’s best tenor and soprano resonate in the romantic arches of El Tupay, adding sparkle to a spectacular dinner. The lounge atmosphere is also perfect for enjoying a light aperitif, an after-dinner cocktail or a glass of fine wine with friends.


Incanto presents us with a very particular option in terms of gastronomy. It is about Italian-Peruvian fusion cuisine in a dream setting, where the majestic stone walls of the Inca palace are combined with modern minimalist architecture. 

It is located on Calle de Santa Catalina Angosta and its specialties are homemade pasta, pizza and bread (kneaded by them and cooked in their traditional clay oven). All of them accompanied by a select wine list that make a very good accompaniment.

Le Soleil

Le Soleil is located in the Hotel La Lune; this restaurant offers the best French cuisine in the center of the capital of Cusco. In addition, it is recognized as one of the best places to eat in the city, and its specialties are confit de canard and crème brûlée.

Limo (Peruvian Nikkei)

Limo joins the scene with a fusion of Peruvian-Japanese cuisine (Nikkei), which amazes many visitors and ranks in our top ten. This restaurant is located on the second floor of a colonial house with the best view of the majestic Plaza de Armas of Cusco.

Its dishes include tiraditos, ceviche and the famous sushi bar. It is worth mentioning that Limo has a wide variety of piscos, making it an excellent place to discover Peru’s flagship cocktail. In addition, it is the ideal place to taste impressive cocktails made with exotic fruits from the Andean and Amazon region.

As you can see, there is something for all tastes with the multiple options of restaurants that you can find in Cusco. If you have a very limited time to visit the tourist attractions, then it would be ideal to arrive in the city with a very good idea of what you want to eat so you won’t waste time searching.

So, which restaurant in Cusco caught your attention the most?

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