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Yura, the town of medicinal baths

he Yura thermal baths have medicinal properties for some diseases such as arthritis, poor blood circulation, skin diseases, among others.

25 kilometers north of the city of Arequipa is Yura, a quiet town with old houses, few people, whose inhabitants go to their farms early and where they carry out cultivation activities as a support for their home.

The Plaza De La Calera, is the main square and attraction of Yura, and the constructions of this town are made of pink sillar, which is a volcanic rock.

This village has not only become known for its pink ashlar buildings, but also for its hot springs. It is said that these were used since the time of the Incas. Also, over time it has been discovered that these thermal springs have medicinal properties that help with the cure of skin diseases, stomach, nerves, stress, among others diseases.

According to the studies carried out by the German expert Tadeo Haenke and the doctor Edmundo Escomel, the water containing sulfur, alkaline water, iron salts, among other minerals, help the healing of rheumatism, arthritis, poor blood circulation, skin diseases, obesity, stomach problems, nervous disorders and stress.

In Yura you can find three baths, of which, those recommended for all tourists are the following:

  • Pozo El Tigre: It has the hottest water, it can reach up to 32 ° C and is for adults only. It has five pools that have sulfur and alkaline water, whose properties cure rheumatism, arthritis, poor blood circulation, skin diseases and obesity.
  • Pozo Zamácola and Pozo Fierro Viejo: It reaches a temperature of up to 28 ° C and is recommended to cure nervous disorders, anemia and stress because its water contains iron. The entrance to this pozo is suitable for the entire public.
  • Pozo Tadeo Haenke: It is the largest well with a water temperature of 28° C, very rich in iron. It was created in 2012.

If you decide to visit the Yura thermal baths, we recommend diving for a maximum of one hour, because if you stay longer than this time, the water temperature can cause dizziness and other symptoms.

It will always be recommended to include Yura in your next trip to Arequipa, the proximity to the city will allow you to enjoy a few hours during the morning and get to visit these medicinal thermal baths.

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