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Patronal Feast of San Santiago in Puno

  • Published on Jul 02, 2018 Tourism
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Music, dance and culture invade the streets of the beautiful districts of Puno, Peru

Peru shares different cultures, which are distinguished by the customs that have been preserved over the years. During the month of July, the Patronal Feast of San Santiago takes place in several districts of Puno, such as Lampa, Pomata, Jaillihuaya, Huancané and Taquile Island, to celebrate devotion to the Apostle Santiago with demonstrations of living culture and traditional folklore.


Be part of the festival

The joyful celebrations take place between July 24 and 31 in the districts of Lampa, Pomata, Jaillihuaya, Huancané and Taquile Island. These are differentiated by the festivities offered to San Santiago: Masses, processions, textile fairs, dances, music and even bullfights.

Danzante del baila “La Candelaria”

Dancer of the dance “La Candelaria”


Lampa, a traditional celebration

The Patronal Feast of San Santiago in Lampa, district of Puno, begins on July 24, where the devotees dress the image of the saint, which has a real human size. On the central day, July 25, the devotees participate in the mass in the Santiago Apostle Temple. Then, the procession of the image begins and is accompanied by other 40 temple saints.

Comunero tocando la quena durante la celebración

Communard playing the quena during the celebration


When finalizing, the contest of compound melodies begins.These songs were specially made for this festival with traditional instruments such as quenas, zampoñas and leather drums. At the same time, community participants demonstrate their skills and dexterity in the handling of horses, being qualified for it and for their original clothing. The competition takes place on the main entrance of the Lampa temple.

Moreover, during the 29th, 30th and 31st of July, the bullfighting evenings are held in the “Plaza de Toros Arenas” of the Lampa river. These are accompanied by bands of various celebrations.


Taquile Island, a festivity full of folklore

Dressed in brightly colored costumes, the Taquile people perform various local dances, such as the Sicuris, the Candelaria, the Cinta K’ana and the Taquile Carnival, with the accompaniment of zampoñas (Andean flute), traditional pinquillo flutes and many drums. The festivities are finally finished with an offering to Mother Earth “La Pachamama”, a revealing detail that shows how the islanders have mixed the Christian and Andean beliefs, creating their own unique culture.

Taquileño dando una demostración de tejido tradicional

Taquile person giving a demonstration of traditional weaving


The celebration is accompanied by a craft fair in which they exhibit ceramics and alpaca looms made by the community. Also, the residents of Taquile show the elaboration process of their beautiful garments, do not miss this captivating experience!

Enjoy the month of July and let yourself be amazed by the wonderful culture of Puno. It’s a magical experience!

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