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A very important date for all Peruvians is July 28th the country´s Independence Day which commemorates the Declaration of Independence by Don José de San Martín.   Each town celebrates patriotism in its own way and on this occasion we will be looking at how they do so in Cusco, Puno and Arequipa.

Independence Celebrations in Cusco

The city is located at 3,399 meters above sea level in the Peruvian Andes, and during the month of July temperatures range between 3º C and 14º C, so we recommend travelers dress warmly and use gloves, thick socks, etc.

Descubrimiento de Machu Picchu

What events are held in Cusco?


These take place in Cusco’s main square, the Main Square,  where representatives from the department’s 13 provinces gather to demonstrate their beautiful dances.  These include the Capac Chuncho Dance, the Mestiza Qoyacha, the Ukuku, the Negritos Dance and many more.  Also, high-schools dance in front of the official stand to compete for the best performance.

Food Festivals

The city of Cusco is well known for its specialty dishes and independence celebrations are the perfect opportunity to show them off.  The Chiri Uchu is available, as it is at every important festival, as well as the Sopa de Chairo and Kapchi de Zetas, corn with cheese and Cusco popular tamales.


Military Parade

Avenida de la Cultura is the street where we are able to watch the various divisions of the Peruvian Army (infantry, parachutes, etc.) as well as tanks and combat trucks in this unmatched spectacle.

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Independence Day in Puno

The city of Puno is located at 3,827 meters above sea level, ranking as the highest city of the three that we cover today.  It is the coldest season of the year, with temperatures ranging  between -4º C and 14º C.

Destino Puno

What events does Puno hold for these festivities?

Great Civic and Military Parade

Several institutions and delegations from the region come together for the civic military parade on Avenida Costanera.  The participants include universities, public institutions, the Peruvian Navy, the Peruvian Army and the Peruvian Police Force. 

Te Deum Mass

A service of thanks is held in the Minor Basilica of Puno’s Cathedral.

March of the Flags on Lake Titicaca

The women from the Uros Islands, dressed in typical costumes, parade the flags on their famous totora rafts across the islands. We can hear them singing the national anthem, the waltz “Mi Peru” and many other themes. 

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Independence Festivities in Arequipa

The white city of Arequipa is located at 2,335 meters above sea level and the temperature at this time of year  ranges between 20ºC and 24ºC.


What events are held in Arequipa during these celebrations?

Military Parade

Just like in the other cities, Arequipa also holds a military parade, a patriotic event in which the region’s different institutions participate. 

Fairs and Concerts

People rejoice in the streets and celebrate at local and regional fairs, folk concerts, rock concerts and circuses can be seen in the city´s surroundings.

Fiesta de la Chicha

This fair is held at the beginning of August in the main square, with delicious  dishes from the best traditional restaurants, known as picanterías.

The City’s Anniversary

If you stay long enough (a couple of more weeks) you can enjoy the festivities for the anniversary of Arequipa.  Decorated floats, street parties and serenades, cultural shows and sports events, fireworks and much more.

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