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Sillustani Chullpas: The mysterious Puno cemetery

Impressive tombs or chullpas in the Umayo Lagoon

34 kilometers away from Puno are located the Sillustani chullpas, in the Peninsula that is introduced inside the brilliant and blue waters of Umayo Lagoon at 4000 meters over sea level. This amazing lagoon, which has a depth of approximately 14 meters, it is connected by the Chaullamayo and Ccaccapunco rivers at the southeast and north respectively, and it communicates through Illpa river with Lake Titicaca.

Umayo Lagoon Península

Sillustani has around 90 chullpas with the shape of an inverted cone. According to the story, before the corpses of the highest Kolla authorities were placed in the tombs, these were mummified in fetal position. These authorities were the most representative of the Inca Empire.

The belongings were placed along with their bodies, which was made to keep respect for the same authorities and everything that had characterized them during their government period. Some included gold and silver objects, food or ceramic utensils.

Sillustani chullpas

The chullpas were placed in the top of a small hill. Between the most famous, we find the Lagarto chullpa, called like that due to the big stone blocks of that are on the foundation. This is the most representative of the culture, as it is found in Sillustani and, besides, was built on the Inca era, with stones that fit perfectly.

Lagarto chullpa, the most famous Sillustani tomb

How to get to the Sillustani chullpas?

In order to visit the Sillustani chullpas, you can go on tour from the city of Puno or you can take a public bus from Juliaca to Puno or vice versa. There is also the chance of using a taxi that is placed in the outskirts of Sillustani. The entry to the archaeological center costs 5.20 soles (USD 2.00) and opens from 8:00 am to 5:00 p.m. (Referential Data)

Knowing one of the most important necropolis of the world means the reveal of great mysteries over how the Inca Empire highest authorities’ burials and how till now they represent sacred places.

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