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Learn more about the three most important islands in Lake Titicaca

Every corner of Peru is different from each other, from its customs, culture, land, wonderful people, its local gastronomy and preparation of typical dishes. The land of the Incas is a country full of diversity, becoming a perfect place to travel and enjoy a well-deserved vacation. If you are looking for a balance with nature, there is no better idea than visiting and learning more about Puno

In this city, Lake Titicaca is the perfect place to enjoy the majesty and crystal-clear water of the lake. This place, that captivates the whole world, is the highest navigable lake in the world.

Lake Titicaca has islands that keep alive pre-Columbian traditions. There are three important islands that are frequently asked about by travelers who are not afraid of heights.

These three islands in Lake Titicaca are as follows:

The floating islands of Uros

This island is located at 3800 m.a.s.l. approximately, and it is constructed from totora, a plant that grows under the cold water. In the floating islands of Uros, there are houses, schools and churches build also with totora plant. 

The Aymara people, who are considered as one of the most ancient Andean civilizations in Peru and who rose up long before the Incas, are the citizens in these almost 40 Islands.

Their economy is based on fishing, sale of handicrafts, and barter. It takes about 30 minutes from the shores of Lake Titicaca to get to the Uros floating islands.

Taquile Island

Travelers get to this place by boat from the Island of Uros in approximately 3 hours. Taquile Island has a 567-step stairs that you must go up if you want to visit the upper part of the town and watch a magical landscape. 

There is no lodging in Taquile Island; instead, there is community-based or experienced-based tourism, which means that tourists should stay in the houses of locals and learn from them what they need to do to eat and survive. 

Barter is still carried out in this place inhabited by Quechua speakers. However, their main means of income are agriculture, handicrafts, and textile work, which is worldwide-recognized.

Amantaní Island

It is a place full of vegetation and beautiful fields; Amantaní Island hosts trees and flowers such as gum trees and Qantuta flowers. It is also known as the “Love Island” because of the romanticism evoked by its captivating landscapes, it is the largest island in Lake Titicaca.

Like Taquile Island, there is no lodging in this island, so you may stay in the houses of locals, which allows you to get to know better these ancestral communities that preserve the traditions of their ancestors. 

The journey by boat from the floating islands of Uros to Amantaní Island takes about three hours.

What to do in Lake Titicaca?

In Lake Titicaca you can practice sports like diving, sailing and paddling. Another activity to carry out is kayaking, departing from Esteves Island to floating island of Uros. Trekking and cycling are also fun activities you will enjoy on the shores of this impressive lake.

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