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Santa Rosa de Lima Celebration in Cusco


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What is the celebration?

It is a festivity in honor of one of the patron saints of Catholicism called Santa Rosa de Lima. Many parishioners join their faith and reverence to show their respect to what would be one of the most important characters of Peru. 

Saint Rose of Lima, also known as the Patron Saint of America, the Philippines and the East Indies, was recognized for helping others. She opened a house where she sheltered different sick people from different social classes, since her motto was always to help without any distinction. 

Isabel Flores de Oliva, her real name, always had an inclination to religious life and that is how she decided to join the order of Saint Dominic, but she did not want to stay in the convent but considered that she could do it from home. Since then her name became Rosa de Santa Maria, because her mother had a dream where her face opened like a beautiful rose.

Saint Rose died at the age of 31 due to tuberculosis and in 1671 she was canonized. 

Main Square Cusco

How do they celebrate the Feast of Saint Rose of Lima in Cusco?

On August 30, a national holiday in Peru, in commemoration of this Patron Saint, the military, police, civilian authorities and those institutions that have Santa Rosa as their Catholic guide are present in the central square of Cusco through parades, prayers and chants while her altar goes around every corner for the view of all tourists. 

The neighborhoods, businesses and streets named after Santa Rosa join this celebration and place flowers and fill the walls with colors, as they seek the blessing for their neighbors and businesses to be prosperous. 

Is Machu Picchu open during the holiday?

Yes, Machu Picchu is open during the holiday. During these dates, you will find both national and international tourists willing to visit the Inca citadel. 


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